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Here are general articles about Australia. See also specific content areas, e.g., ' Schools and Religion' and 'Church and State'.

Factsheet on church and state in Australia

This factsheet on church and state in Australia puts it all in a nutshell — from 1836, when an exasperated Australian Governor Bourke wished the churches would ‘roll off state support like saturated leeches’ to 2008 when Bishop Tom Frame said they must be weaned off state support and not rely on the secular state to discharge their ‘heavenly charter’.

Australia’s scourge: Churches win on gambling

Australia leads the world in gambling and churches are cashing in with tax-free gambling schemes. The Pope's picture was even placed at the entrance to welcome people to the gambling room of a Catholic club. However, when philanthropist David Walsh used his winnings to found Hobart's Museum of Old New Art he faced a tax bill of $37 million. Dr Max Wallace comments on secular and religious gambling.

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