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We include items of interest here.

Radio New Zealand: Charities generate millions of tax-deductible dollars

"New Zealanders give billions of tax-deductible dollars to charities each year and businesses owned by charitable trusts generate millions of dollars of tax free profits. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars that would otherwise go into the consolidated fund are diverted to charities."

Petition for “separation of state and religion or belief” 1: the Petition

Australia, like the US, has a Constitution prohibition of ‘establishment’ of religion by the Government. However, Australia ‘s High Court has stated, unlike the US Supreme Court, that this does not mean separation of church and state. A petition has been lodged with the Australian Senate to enact legislation that does so.

Petition for Separation of Church and State 2: Correspondence to A.G.

In 2012, 370 citizens signed a petition requesting that the federal parliament legislate for separation of church and state in Australia. It was entered into Hansard on 12 December 2013.  A fax has recently been sent to George Brandis, the Attorney-General, concerning his evasive, unsatisfactory response, requesting that he reconsider the government's position.

Letter to Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

Letter sent to Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner, regarding the proposed Roundtable on Freedom of Religion, to meet in Melbourne on 18 February 2016.

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